Our connected technologies help the world’s largest healthcare organizations deliver total health experiences.

Illustration of healthcare transformation
By guiding clients through a rapidly shifting landscape of regulatory reform, patient expectations and technology-enabled experiences, PK makes great care possible. 

Real World Results

  • Connected health

    From telehealth to remote patient monitoring and the sharing of patient data, our solutions ensure providers, payers, and patients are focused on what matters most.

  • Care results

    Our care efficacy solutions target reduced cost of care, as well as improved care quality and health outcomes, while enhancing patient and provider experiences.

  • Clinical asset management

    The productivity, safety, compliance, and security of physical clinical assets can make huge differences in people’s lives, which is why we’re committed to their optimization.

  • Personalized care

    We help make personalized care, treatments and access a reality through digital experiences and analytic insights that promote positive patient outcomes and loyalty.

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