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¿DevOps ha perdido su ritmo?

Una búsqueda en la web de “soluciones DevOps” arroja páginas sobre páginas de proveedores que sazonan sus materiales promocionales con vagas referencias a DevOps. Afirman que solo su compañía... ...Read more

Building Software Engineering Quality by Starting at the Source

Contemporary approaches to source management extend beyond the warehousing and versioning of code. This article argues for viewing Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing and even Continuous Quality as... ...Read more

DevSecOps Crucial to Compliance and Risk Management Strategy

Ryan Riggs elaborates on DevSecOps importance to compliance and risk management strategies. ...Read more

New Demands for Quality Assurance and Testing

Cruises have a long tradition, and the industry is enjoying a resurgence. Over the last ten years, customer demand has increased by 62 percent...Read more ...Read more

Disrupting the Insurance Industry with DevOps

PK latest blog explains how DevOps is disrupting the insurance industry and the use of Agile methodologies enhance operations. ...Read more

Built: Execute – New Age Automation Metric

Test automation initiatives are super exciting, especially when they are aligned towards DevOps principles or iterative development processes. ...Read more

Continuous Performance Testing

Ram Sathia describes the essential areas of focus to improve DevOps in order to build and deliver software products to market faster. ...Read more

At the Intersection of DevOps and Millennials

The technology industry is no stranger to Millennials and their collaborative instincts and non-traditional workforce roles. Read how DevOps and Millennials intersect. ...Read more

DevOps Is Essential For Faster To Market Services

An explanation of how DevOps is essential for faster to market services. ...Read more

DevOps & Kanban – Forming a Perfect Alliance

Introduction “It is not the strongest of the species that will survive, or the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin As Organizations... ...Read more