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Data Science: Choosing the Right Graduate Degree

I’m often asked the same question from people who are interested in analytics and data science: “what graduate degree would be the most useful to me?” There are lots... ...Read more

Big Data ls Never Too BIG For TAP

TAP assists system operators, data scientists and application developers in gathering large amounts of data from multiple sources and in incongruent formats. ...Read more

Beyond Data Science with Data Visualization

PK Data Scientist Ryan Knauber goes beyond data science with his latest data visualization insights. ...Read more

The Perils of Careless Modeling

PK’s latest blog from Ryan Knauber provides insight into the perils of careless data modelling and the general must-haves for effective predictive modelling. ...Read more

Three Tips for Managing Retail Data during Back-to-School Shopping Season

Big Data is helping retailers enhance insights into their customers' purchase decisions, leading to increased sales revenue in the process. ...Read more

Big Data vs. Zika: How Researchers are Leveraging Geographic Information Systems to Save Lives

GIS are supported by the massive amounts of data collected by public and private enterprises, allowing experts to zoom in on specific issues. ...Read more