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Making Marketing Personalization Work for You

More often than we see good examples of marketing personalization, we see the bad. There are countless examples across social media of customers experiencing companies missing the point when... ...Read more

Shoptalk 2018: Three Trends to Look For This Year

In three short years, Shoptalk, which will draw 8,000 retail professionals to Las Vegas from March 18th to the 21st, has emerged as a giant, must attend retail conference... ...Read more

Customer Journey Mapping vs. Customer Lifecycle [Infographic]

Customer journey mapping is a tool that has taken the business world by storm—helping companies build an understanding of their customer’s experience and develop better connections between people and brands.... ...Read more

DTNA Embarks on Cultural Change with CX Day

We’ve long heard how customer experience (CX) leads to increased shareholder value. Over the past several years Forrester Research has invested in The Age of the Customer and states... ...Read more

Designing the Right Rewards Program for Your Business

Tradeoffs and Techniques for Effectively Influencing Customer Behavior Navigating the vast components of a rewards program is no easy undertaking for today’s Loyalty Marketer. As customers interact with your... ...Read more

Customer-Centric Resolutions to Jump-Start Your New Year

As we head into the new year, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite ways in which you can better meet the needs of your customers.... ...Read more

The Case for Emotion in Customer Experience

This is the first in our series on Emotion Design in CX. Read the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in this series next. Designing for emotion is becoming an increasingly important... ...Read more

API Product Design Essentials

We believe API productization is a critical component in realizing value from your API investments. Productization starts as a mindset yet quickly evolves into both a design strategy and... ...Read more

From Voice of the Customer to Customer Health

The dreaded customer satisfaction survey. Designed as a tool for organizations to test customer brand loyalty, the satisfaction survey has morphed into a completely different beast. Ironically—in the drive... ...Read more

How a DMP can Transform Your Customer-Centric Marketing

Can a Data Management Platform (DMP) Accelerate Your Digital Marketing? E-commerce has replaced store openings at the center of retail growth strategy. According to PWC, almost 75% of all... ...Read more