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4 formas en que las plantas totalmente conectadas benefician a su fuerza laboral

La fabricación ha tardado en adoptar el internet industrial de las cosas, y algunos estudios muestran que menos del 10% de los fabricantes han incorporado tecnologías a su alrededor.... ...Read more

How to Avoid Becoming the Next Bot Failure Statistic

Leaders are increasingly turning to robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver shareholder value and meet the new organizational imperative to do right by everyone an enterprise interacts with – employees, customers,... ...Read more

¿DevOps ha perdido su ritmo?

Una búsqueda en la web de “soluciones DevOps” arroja páginas sobre páginas de proveedores que sazonan sus materiales promocionales con vagas referencias a DevOps. Afirman que solo su compañía... ...Read more

When Bots Fail

With 9 out of 10 companies seeking to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by 2020, automation has become table stakes in nearly every industry. Some companies see it as a direct path... ...Read more

How to Pick the Best Tests for Automation

The latest blog from PK Solution Architect Jason Jobe discusses the best testing solution for automation. ...Read more

New Demands for Quality Assurance and Testing

Cruises have a long tradition, and the industry is enjoying a resurgence. Over the last ten years, customer demand has increased by 62 percent...Read more ...Read more

Choosing a Marketing Automation Platform, Part 2

Now that you are sure your business needs to get into Marketing Automation, which platform do you choose? The sophistication level varies considerably, from pure email-campaign management through sophisticated... ...Read more

Are You Ready For Marketing Automation?

Most marketers these days are aware of the buzz surrounding Marketing Automation. But many marketers still haven’t taken the plunge.  In February 2013 ClickZ published a study of Fortune 500... ...Read more