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Utility Digital Experience Index

THE UTILITY DIGITAL EXPERIENCE INDEX ASSESSES TOP UTILITY WEBSITES The Utility Digital Experience (UDX) Index provides an objective and informed view of best practices, emerging solutions and performance of... ...Read more

Predicting Hospital Readmission Using AI

Since 2012, hospitals have been penalized nearly $1.9 billion due to excess patient readmission rates. The costs are even higher when considering poor patient outcomes. In our healthcare white... ...Read more

Survival of the Fitting Room

Brick-and-mortar retail is struggling through massive store closures. With clients like Vans, Starbucks, Petco, and Nordstrom, PK knows how to escalate growth for leading retailers. Our retail e-book lays... ...Read more

Hospital Digital Experience Index 2018-2019

The Hospital Digital Experience (HDX) Index is a method for baselining the digital patient experience on hospital websites. It combines publicly observable use data and expert testing to spotlight... ...Read more

What’s a Customer Experience Worth?

Building a Business Case for Customer Experience All competitive businesses are dependent on their customer’s experience to drive their growth and prosperity. The interactions that happen every time a business... ...Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Engagement

The Omni-Channel Strategy that Leading Companies Use to Drive Reach, Retention, and Revenue. In today’s marketing climate, a well-thought-out customer engagement strategy is essential. Customers choose how and when... ...Read more

The Loyalty – Customer Experience (CX) Connection

Customer-Centric Marketing Customer experience (CX) and customer loyalty both require integration across functional and programmatic aspects of a company to achieve customer-centric marketing. Download this article to learn more about:... ...Read more

The New Customer Experience (CX) Toolbox

6 Research Toolsets for Building a Better Customer Connection Delivering a “good” customer experience (CX) that is beneficial to both the customer and the company behind the brand may... ...Read more

Pilot Guide to Account-Based Marketing

B2B companies are racing to implement an ABM strategy, but 60% quit after just one pilot. Why? Shifting to an account-based strategy can significantly increase ROI, but only if... ...Read more

Integrating Customer Experience & Customer Loyalty

Part One: Building a Customer-Centric Organization Businesses are making the shift toward a customer-centric operating model. As markets and channels have evolved, products and services have become less differentiated.... ...Read more