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Lo que queremos decir cuando hablamos de comercio unificado

El término comercio unificado se ha puesto de moda en el sector minorista, pero ¿qué significa? Algunos expertos minoristas dicen que el comercio unificado es un grupo de canales... ...Read more

Cómo diseñamos, construimos y manejamos el futuro

Hemos pasado las últimas dos décadas construyendo experiencias de extremo a extremo para las marcas más grandes del mundo, experiencias que generan resultados significativos, más rápidos y que son... ...Read more

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Can’t Risk Missing Out on Virtual Shopping Assistants

Brick-and-mortar retail is getting dissed by millennials, who increasingly prefer to shop online. With millennials representing an estimated $1.4 trillion in purchasing power, brick-and-mortar retailers can’t afford to ignore their... ...Read more

Creating A Unified Commerce Experience

With new capabilities for AI and IoT being introduced each day, the tools of the future are making it easier to connect devices and equipment while also deriving analytic... ...Read more

What Snapchat Can Teach Us About the Next Era of Digital Marketing

The rapid growth of Snapchat and its sizable market evaluation is proving one thing: the next era of digital marketing will be won or lost on the 4-inch screen... ...Read more

If Apple Can Sell on Amazon – So Can You

Recently PK has been getting a lot of inquiries from retailers questioning whether they should be selling on Amazon. They are concerned about letting Amazon take over their brand... ...Read more

Price Transparency: How to Address the Paradigm Shift in Retail

In the kickoff to our series on the price transparency phenomenon we look at what price transparency is and why it matters and argue that the time has come... ...Read more

Accelerating the Sales Cycle: Focus on the Buyer’s Purchase Cycle

This is the 2nd in a series of articles we’ll be posting in the coming weeks designed to provide sales leaders with tips and best practices on how your... ...Read more

Measure What You Treasure: Sales KPIs

Sales leaders are held accountable for top line performance, but many are not aware of the underlying factors hampering results.  In a recent market research study conducted by PK,... ...Read more

Sales Cycle Acceleration: Lesson 1—Beware the Friendly Buyer

To kick off our blog for PK’s Inside Sales Optimization practice area, this is the first in a five part series of articles we’ll be posting in the coming... ...Read more