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Anatomy of an Inside Sales Organization: Building Blocks

What does it take to create a world class sales organization? PK's Sales Channel and Sales Strategy experts provide 5 building blocks for designing your inside sales strategy along... ...Read more

SaaS Customer Connection to the Cloud: Building Community

During the month of May, PK’s  Lisa Morris-Wolff was invited to speak at the SaaS University Conference in Bellevue, Washington. Cloud computing leaders from around the world traveled to Bellevue... ...Read more

5 Go-To-Market Challenges to Consider before Unveiling Cloud Services

Cloud computing is one of those paradigm shifts that has long been accompanied by great expectations.  At this point, the debate is over – the cloud has proven it... ...Read more

Cloud Adoption Strategy: Incentivizing your Channel

Executive Summary

In a rapidly changing IT environment, partners in the channel are fearful on how they will fit into the new world of cloud computing. Vendors are challenged with... ...Read more

Hointer: Disrupting Apparel Shopping

Part 1: Introduction to Hointer

Visiting Hointer, a men’s denim store in the University District of Seattle, is a bit like crawling inside a website. As it turns out, the... ...Read more

How Retail Should Think About Social Media

Social media, when used correctly, is a powerful tool for retailers. But because of the nature of retail, it is even more critical that the social media connection be... ...Read more

Price Transparency: How to Address the Paradigm Shift in Retail

In Part I, we explained why price transparency is important and argued for alignment of prices across channels.  In Part II we discuss common pitfalls that retailers should avoid as they... ...Read more

The Customer Service Representative Across Channels

Today’s article continues the conversation we began in our POV, Customer Service in a Multi-Channel World.  In that POV, we talked about the need for... ...Read more

Managing Large Scale Transitions Across Complex Marketing Organizations (Part 1 of 3)

You are the Chief Marketing Officer at a large corporation. You’ve evaluated your agency partnership and decided to make a change. Now what? (part 1 of 3)

The task of... ...Read more