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Building a World-Class Sales Team

Strategies to Increase Your Sales Team’s Effectiveness There are many strategies and tactics sales leaders are deploying in an effort to improve sales effectiveness. We’ve found these to be... ...Read more

5 Things the New Google Audience 360 DMP Must Do to Be Successful

Google announces new Analytics 360 platform Google just rolled out a key addition to its marketing suite, Analytics 360, to compete with industry incumbents Oracle and Adobe Audience Manager.... ...Read more

Re-tuning the B2B Sales Role for 2016 and Beyond

Buyers today are informed, digitally savvy and squarely in the driver’s seat in terms of how and when they want to talk to sales. As we illustrated in The... ...Read more

The Death of the Sales Funnel [Infographic]

We have been closely following the shift in B2B and B2C sales organizations. It’s not news that sales motions are becoming more complex. However, what’s different now (and continues... ...Read more

How Sales Operations Increases Sales Productivity

I’ve been following the rise in sales enablement technologies and the latest trends in sales optimization, but yet clients still come to me asking why their sales teams are... ...Read more

Sales Enablement Tools: It’s Time To Invest

In the last 5 years sales enablement tools have flooded the market all promising to help sellers more effectively engage with their customers. As seen in this Sales Technology Landscape... ...Read more

A Modern Sales Process for Sales Teams in a Customer-Driven Economy

There is no secret that having a well-defined sales process will enable you to accelerate your sales cycle. However, what we often find is that most sales processes are developed... ...Read more

10 Steps for ‘Cloning’ Your Top Salespeople: Optimizing Technology

Looking to clone your top salespeople? You’re not crazy. As advanced personalization capabilities and unprecedented customer data sets converge at affordable investment points, this dream becomes increasingly realistic. I’m... ...Read more

Top Digital Business Insights in 2014

To paraphrase Roger Martin, a design thinker who is one of this year’s featured authors, there are no marketing, design, legal, or customer decisions; there are only business decisions. If anything characterizes... ...Read more

Don’t Just Optimize…Humanize

For those of us focused on delivering delight, measuring and optimizing the experience is a critical step. But delight is about more than squeezing out maximum performance and conversion—it’s... ...Read more