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What’s a Customer Experience Worth?

Building a Business Case for Customer Experience All competitive businesses are dependent on their customer’s experience to drive their growth and prosperity. The interactions that happen every time a business... ...Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Engagement

The Omni-Channel Strategy that Leading Companies Use to Drive Reach, Retention, and Revenue. In today’s marketing climate, a well-thought-out customer engagement strategy is essential. Customers choose how and when... ...Read more

Personalization is a data problem

In today’s consumer environment, everything revolves around personalization data. Customers expect that the brands they know and love, know them back. However, in order to have a personal relationship... ...Read more

The Loyalty – Customer Experience (CX) Connection

Customer-Centric Marketing Customer experience (CX) and customer loyalty both require integration across functional and programmatic aspects of a company to achieve customer-centric marketing. Download this article to learn more about:... ...Read more

The New Customer Experience (CX) Toolbox

6 Research Toolsets for Building a Better Customer Connection Delivering a “good” customer experience (CX) that is beneficial to both the customer and the company behind the brand may... ...Read more

Pilot Guide to Account-Based Marketing

B2B companies are racing to implement an ABM strategy, but 60% quit after just one pilot. Why? Shifting to an account-based strategy can significantly increase ROI, but only if... ...Read more

Making the Right MarTech Bets [Infographic]

As we’re all experiencing, the division between Marketing and IT has been rapidly shrinking over the past couple of years. Today, marketing teams are expected to be digitally savvy martech... ...Read more

Finding Millennials [Infographic]

The Millennial takeover is happening now. In 2019 they surpassed Baby Boomers as America’s largest living generation. Millennials are now a major part of the technology purchasing process for... ...Read more

Design Thinking and Customer Experience

There has been a great deal written about “design thinking” in the past few years. Much focus has been placed on its value in helping define business strategy, with industrial design... ...Read more

Let’s Get Phygital: Customer Experience (CX) in an Omnichannel Universe

Ten Ways to Connect with Customers in an Omnichannel Universe Customers aren’t connecting with businesses the way they did even a year or two ago. It’s difficult to overstate... ...Read more