Minorista y Consumidora

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Lo que queremos decir cuando hablamos de comercio unificado

El término comercio unificado se ha puesto de moda en el sector minorista, pero ¿qué significa? Algunos expertos minoristas dicen que el comercio unificado es un grupo de canales... ...Read more

Visión 2020: predicciones sobre el futuro del comercio minorista

Si bien hemos escrito extensamente el año pasado sobre cómo los minoristas pueden sobrevivir al apocalipsis minorista, nos sentimos optimistas a medida que nos acercamos al próximo año. Las... ...Read more

Survival of the Fitting Room

Brick-and-mortar retail is struggling through massive store closures. With clients like Vans, Starbucks, Petco, and Nordstrom, PK knows how to escalate growth for leading retailers. Our retail e-book lays... ...Read more

Customer Rewards Program Earn Models [Infographic]

Customer rewards programs remain an important tactic in many loyalty marketers’ playbooks. However, the prevalence of these programs coupled with what is often a limited value proposition for customers,... ...Read more

¿Son “Rundles” los programas de fidelización del futuro?

Las marcas trabajan constantemente para imaginar formas nuevas e interesantes de mantener a sus clientes comprometidos, retenidos y leales en un mundo lleno de opciones y competencia por la... ...Read more

The End of the Unsubscribe

How leading subscription services use digital engagement to keep their customers happy and renewing. Brands jumping into the world of subscription services often make the mistake of funneling a... ...Read more

Subscription Service Fatigue? Try a Digital Engagement Strategy

Curated services, monthly replenishments, rental services and premium access models vie for consumers’ attention in an overcrowded retail subscription market. Offering the promise of convenience and a personalized experience,... ...Read more

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Can’t Risk Missing Out on Virtual Shopping Assistants

Brick-and-mortar retail is getting dissed by millennials, who increasingly prefer to shop online. With millennials representing an estimated $1.4 trillion in purchasing power, brick-and-mortar retailers can’t afford to ignore their... ...Read more

What Retail Has Learned About AR Since Pokémon Go

Despite increasing awareness of the power of AR, many retailers are missing out on the potential of AR by treating it as an afterthought or add-on rather than a... ...Read more

The Real Source of the Retail Apocalypse: Failure to Innovate

Retail is in the middle of a bankruptcy epidemic. Year-to-date retail closures in the U.S. have already exceeded the entirety of 2018 and industry stalwarts aren’t immune. More than... ...Read more