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Lo que queremos decir cuando hablamos de comercio unificado

El término comercio unificado se ha puesto de moda en el sector minorista, pero ¿qué significa? Algunos expertos minoristas dicen que el comercio unificado es un grupo de canales... ...Read more

Cómo diseñamos, construimos y manejamos el futuro

Hemos pasado las últimas dos décadas construyendo experiencias de extremo a extremo para las marcas más grandes del mundo, experiencias que generan resultados significativos, más rápidos y que son... ...Read more

A New Methodology for Predicting the ROI of a Loyalty Program

Introducing the Lenati Loyalty ROI Simulator When making decisions around re-designing a loyalty program, marketers always want to know the return on investment (ROI) of the new loyalty program.... ...Read more

¿Qué es la experiencia en ingeniería?

PK es la firma de ingeniería de experiencia. Si no está familiarizado con nuestro trabajo, probablemente se esté preguntando: “¿Qué es la ingeniería de experiencia?” Más que un eslogan,... ...Read more

On their Terms: Shifting Sales Tactics for Millennial B2B Tech Buyers

The classic stereotypes of B2B tech buyers no longer hold true. They are more likely to arrive tattooed and in sneakers and jeans than a suit and tie, and... ...Read more

On their Terms: Evolving Customer Success for Millennial B2B Tech Buyers

We’ve talked in past posts about how Millennials are stepping into B2B buying roles and overturning traditional ideas about how buyers want to interact with technology companies. But what... ...Read more

What to know about partnering with PK

At PK, partnership with our clients remains the most important quality of the work that we do, as outlined by VP of Client Experience Hilary Soltz Short: Here are... ...Read more

3 Reasons to Use Sitecore EXM for Email Marketing

Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager (EXM) has been around for more than five years but has only become an official feature of Sitecore 9. EXM allows marketers to create personable,... ...Read more

Learn to Set Up Your Microsoft Azure Dashboard with Dylan Young

It can be intimidating to learn how a new technology platform functions. Even the most technologically-savvy among us can feel disoriented by an unfamiliar interface and overwhelmed by all... ...Read more

Winning the Energy Utility Digital Experience Game

While recently researching technology adoption curves, I noticed many readily available illustrations begin with the emergence of the electrical grid. That seems to be a sensible entry point to... ...Read more