Autor: Clay Walton-House

Customer Rewards Program Earn Models [Infographic]

Customer rewards programs remain an important tactic in many loyalty marketers’ playbooks. However, the prevalence of these programs coupled with what is often a limited value proposition for customers,... ...Read more

¿Son “Rundles” los programas de fidelización del futuro?

Las marcas trabajan constantemente para imaginar formas nuevas e interesantes de mantener a sus clientes comprometidos, retenidos y leales en un mundo lleno de opciones y competencia por la... ...Read more

Las cinco “verdades de lealtad” que sustentan nuestro estatus como líder de lealtad

Nos complace anunciar hoy que Lenati, ahora PK, ha sido nombrada líder por Forrester Research Inc. en The Forrester Wave ™: Loyalty Service Providers, informe del tercer trimestre de... ...Read more

Loyalty360 Expo Highlights and Looking Forward to CRMC

Last week PK wrapped up our time in Florida at Loyalty360 Expo 2018. It was great to connect with clients and industry leaders. Here are a few highlights: On... ...Read more

A Holistic Approach to Measure Customer Lifetime Value

The science and art of measuring marketing effectiveness, especially when it comes to tracking customer lifetime value, has been an evolving organizational discipline within enterprise businesses for a number... ...Read more

Way of the Future: An Integrated Approach to Customer Loyalty Strategies

PK’s Clay Walton-House is a Featured Panelist and Columnist for Loyalty 360. This article was originally published on Developing a customer loyalty strategy in the modern consumer landscape... ...Read more

Customer Journey Mapping: Avoid These 3 Common Pitfalls

Customer journey mapping, the process of visualizing a brand’s customer experience through the eye of the customer, has become a widely adopted methodology by companies who strive toward customer-centric... ...Read more

Integrated Customer Loyalty: Organizing for Customer-Centricity

The concepts of integrated customer loyalty and customer-centricity go hand-in-hand, as one begets the other. As organizations shift toward operating paradigms that more intentionally put the customer at the... ...Read more

Integrated Customer Loyalty: New Paradigms of Ease, Simplicity, Speed

For loyalty marketers today, approaching loyalty strategy in an integrated manner means looking holistically across the customer experience to determine where the greatest opportunities exist to impact known drivers... ...Read more

Whole Foods Customer Loyalty Program: Just Another One?

Whole Foods recently launched a customer loyalty program pilot in the greater Philadelphia market, and on the surface, it doesn’t appear too differentiated from other grocery rewards programs. Customers... ...Read more