account based marketing
POSTED : diciembre 26, 2019

B2B companies are racing to implement an ABM strategy, but 60% quit after just one pilot. Why?

Shifting to an account-based strategy can significantly increase ROI, but only if done right. A successful ABM program starts with a successful ABM pilot, requiring thorough planning and careful execution.

  • How do I partner effectively with Sales?
  • How do I define an attainable, specific goal for my pilot?
  • How do I measure my pilot’s success?
  • Which KPIs do I use to communicate to leadership?

PK’s Pilot Guide to Account-Based Marketing enables companies to tackle these questions effectively. The visual guide offers quick tips to launch an ABM pilot the right way:

This guide offers quick tips on how to ensure your ABM pilot is a success, including:

  • Guidance on what steps to prioritize first
  • Strategies to optimize the Marketing-Sales relationship
  • KPIs that truly measure your pilot’s effectiveness
  • Tips on how to improve your pilot once it’s been launched

Download this guide to help ensure your company’s ABM pilot is designed to succeed and prepared to scale.

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