POSTED : agosto 29, 2019
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

One of PK’s guiding principles is that the best digital experiences are human experiences. To this end, our experience design team collaborates in ways to ensure that our clients achieve create delightful, yet human, digital experiences for their customers. Check out the video below to hear how our VP of Experience Design Colin O’Neill at PK, now PK, describes how his team operates.

Here are some principles that our user experience team lives by.

We understand the role that your organization plays for your customers—both for today and for the future.

We often talk about earning a new role in the lives of customers. What this means is understanding where your customers are heading, how their technology is advancing, and how can you meet them there in a way that helps you meet your business goals. This can be done by elevating the quality of the user experience, as well as your relevance and resonance in your customers’ lives.

We work hand-in-hand with our developers.

One thing that sets our experience design team apart is that we innovate deeply with the development side of the house, so our designers are well informed about how to build user experience into different technology platforms. This allows us to use the functionality of our technology platforms in ways that are meaningful to both business goals and customer experience.

We help translate brand ideas and values into purposeful executions in a user journey.

We don’t look at brand messaging for its own sake. Instead, we activate a brand value and pull that through an experience.

You prove who you are in the functionality of your digital experience, in how considerate you’ve been, in the language you use, and in the quality of the experience that you have imagined and delivered through your whole range of processes and platforms.

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