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POSTED : julio 26, 2018

Learn How Leading Marketing Executives Are Approaching Their Technology Stacks.

Marketing technology can be simultaneously empowering and overwhelming. It unleashes new opportunities to create more personalized customer experiences, optimize campaign spend, and improve team efficiency. At the same time, with over 3,800 solutions documented in the most recent Marketing Technology Landscape, many marketers struggle to understand how to make the right MarTech bets, how to maximize utilization of their investments, and how to stay ahead of the dizzying array of options.

PK, in partnership with Scott Brinker of, spoke with CMOs and VPs at both enterprise and high-growth firms, including Adobe, Microsoft, Hilton, Veeam, Dun & Bradstreet, SAP, VMTurbo, Tableau and Chronus, to understand how some of today’s leading marketing minds are making marketing technology work for them.

Download this brief to learn how leading marketing executives:

  • Make marketing technology investment decisions that help them stay agile while building for long-term growth and stability
  • Build their organizations to balance strategy, technical savvy and adaptability
  • Approach change management to maximize ROI
  • Keep their teams consistently at the forefront of marketing capabilities
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