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POSTED : enero 27, 2017

Each day, technology makes more impact in more areas of our lives—marketing is no different. Marketing technology (MarTech) allows companies to better understand and talk with their customers. Furthermore, it enables new customer experiences that marketers couldn’t have fathomed just few years ago. As much as technology is changing the world, it is also forcing leaders to change how they think about their businesses. With thousands of marketing technology solutions available, managers struggle to prioritize investments, build teams with the right skillsets, and find tools that are both bleeding-edge and stable.

PK, in partnership with Scott Brinker of, spoke with CMOs and VPs at both enterprise and high-growth firms—including Adobe, Microsoft, Hilton, SAP, VMTurbo and more—to understand how some of today’s leading marketing minds are making MarTech work for them. We’ve distilled select insights from these discussions and shared them here.

Read this presentation from Lenati, now PK, to learn how leading Marketing Executives:

  • Take strategic approaches to investment decisions
  • Build MarTech stacks that allow them to innovate and scale while maintaining reliability
  • Drive smooth implementations that result in widespread adoption
  • Build teams that balance technical proficiency with business acumen
  • Stay up-to-date on the most innovate tools in the market

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