New Research Benchmarks Best Practices for Hospital Websites
POSTED : noviembre 15, 2016
BY : Concentrix Catalyst
Could a hospital’s digital experience be the new bedside manner? Patients increasingly access healthcare information the same way they do everything else: via search engines and websites, often on their smartphones. Research released this week by PK measures how top clinical hospital systems are meeting the new digital demands of customers and patients.
The Hospital Digital Experience (HDX) Index evaluates best practices and benchmarks for hospital system websites, using a rigorous, objective combination of data and observation to assess the top 15 hospital systems as ranked by U.S. News & World Report (2015-2016 Honor Roll).
Dave Wieneke, primary researcher and digital strategy director at PK, conducted the research to provide healthcare marketing and technology leaders with an impartial and informed view for improving the digital engagement of their most important audiences.“The website still plays a vital role in supporting a broader patient experience before, during and after they walk through the front door of the hospital,” said Wieneke. “If a patient can’t step through a clear, frictionless, and well-thought out digital experience, what does that say about the hospital’s commitment to patient care when they show up for a procedure?”The research will help hospitals:

  • Identify trends and best practices for digital engagement.
  • Uncover emerging digital practices that hospitals are adopting.
  • Prioritize digital investments and patient experience initiatives.

“The role of digital engagement has fundamentally changed inside healthcare, requiring a shift from building one-off websites and applications to creating connected patient-focused experiences,” said Jeff Cram, chief strategy officer at PK. “This is challenging for many hospitals who haven’t yet established the digital competencies and culture necessary to make the turn.”

Although websites are only one point of contact on a continuum of digital patient care, there are several factors that make the report’s focus on public websites particularly valuable. For example, hospital websites are a meaningful part of the overall patient experience, as more than 80% of patients use them to select and plan for care.

“We view the hospital’s website as the first step in a digitally-enabled patient experience,” said Patrick O’Hare, CIO of Spectrum Health. “Patients should have one journey of care which incorporates everything we do.”

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