What Snapchat Can Teach Us About the Next Era of Digital Marketing
POSTED : agosto 11, 2016
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

The rapid growth of Snapchat and its sizable market evaluation is proving one thing: the next era of digital marketing will be won or lost on the 4-inch screen in a consumer’s palm.

In four years, Snapchat has grown to over 150 million users; quickly capturing the attention of digital marketers. Snapchat recently announced a plan to expand their advertising, signaling a huge opportunity in the advertising space. Marketers, advertisers, and companies alike should consider what Snapchat can teach us about the future of digital marketing.

What makes Snapchat so successful and what can you apply as a digital marketer to your own efforts? Here are three key lessons from the video messaging application:

Think Small

‘Think small’ means two things: time limits and phone screens. Mobile social media has built an audience of consumers with short attention spans and mobile dependencies. Finding ways to creatively place your brand on a screen at the precise moment a consumer looks to technology to satisfy a need could be your key to success.

Snapchat thinks down to each moment of the individual customer experience. While the last era of advertising was about billboards on the sides of highways and familiar commercials playing on repeat, the next era of advertising will be the opposite. To successfully drive engagement, advertisers need to reach customers in a short, unique, attention-grabbing way. This could be through reducing the number of value props in your ad, focusing on the emotional connection, or personalizing ads by location or time of day. Whatever your strategy is, embrace the brevity. Snapchat only allows users a 10 second maximum for each message before it disappears. The lesson: make your message exciting, short, and memorable, because if you don’t, it will be gone forever.

Engage Your Users

If your digital marketing isn’t engaging users, it’s a waste of time. Engagement throughout the customer experience creates successful businesses. The challenge today is that consumers require more and more creativity to stay engaged, and only a few marketers are rising to the challenge. Snapchat users are highly engaged—Snapchat claims five times higher consumer engagement via click-throughs than mobile ads. Even though Snapchat has just 10% of Facebook’s user base, it reports nearly identical engagement statistics for its content (around 8 billion video views a day). How does Snapchat keep users so engaged? They use creative marketing at unexpected moments. Constantly rotating filters, effects, and stories keep things exciting. Customer engagement like this leads to loyalty, consistent revenue, and staying power in the marketplace.  To learn more about building customer engagement, read up on PK’s publications.

Rethink Your Measurements

In digital marketing, analytics is king. A digital marketer should understand everything from click-through rates to engagement metrics. Engagement analytics are more than a view of the past; they are a window into the future of consumer purchasing.

Snapchat has some unique engagement measurements of its own. They have tailored their digital analytics to consider number of story completions, unique views, and screenshots. If you’re a digital marketer, you need to understand your digital customer journey and identify unique engagement metrics.


In the digital era, everything changes fast; which means your digital marketing strategy should change fast too. Your digital marketing presence should be intelligently evolving and radically innovating. Rethink how you engage your customers, interact with their digital journey, and measure your marketing.

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