How PK Helped Goodwill Boost Sales 17%
POSTED : febrero 8, 2016
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

In recent months, Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region unveiled new retail stores that are delighting shoppers and improving sales. The effort to modernize up to thirty existing stores includes a new floor layout for Goodwill’s ever-changing merchandise, modern signage throughout the store and a testing station for electronics and lights, all designed to appeal to a younger demographic and improve the overall shopping experience. Goodwill reported a 17% increase in sales in their initial western Washington store.

Like many retailers, Goodwill has experienced a changing demographic and big shifts in customer expectations, specifically with the millennial thrift shopper. The organization partnered with PK to understand what customers wanted in their ideal shopping experience and how they could better serve their customers, including millennials. PK analyzed customer behavior, store layout, and buying patterns to draw customer insights.

The result is a modern, easily navigable, open store—on par with considerably more expensive private-sector retailers.

“This is quite the accomplishment for Goodwill,” says Paul Conder, Principal at PK. “Many major retail brands have yet to do this, and Goodwill achieved this in under a year.”

PK conducted customer surveys, observed customer behavior, and analyzed store performance to uncover opportunities to improve the shopping experience from a customer, operations, and sales point of view. PK also worked with Goodwill to define the messaging and digital marketing that would reinforce the Goodwill brand and drive traffic to its retail locations.

“The results of this work have been astonishing,” says Chris Politakis, Goodwill Regional Marketing and Communications Director. “We listened to what our customers wanted and re-designed a store that will meet their needs and appeal to younger buyers. There’s huge potential, and this is just the beginning.”

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