POSTED : enero 11, 2016
BY : Sridhar Peddisetty

“If you can’t out-experiment and beat your competitors in time to market and agility, you are sunk. Features are always a gamble. If you’re lucky, ten percent will get the desired benefits. So the faster you can get those features to market and test them, the better off you’ll be. Incidentally, you also pay back the business faster for the use of capital, which means the business starts making money faster, too.” ? Gene Kim, The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

It is no longer enough for organizations to merely build and release a better product to stay ahead of competition, but in today’s disruptive era, the need of the hour is to build and ship faster than everyone else. In order to meet the demands of time to market features, organizations have realized the necessity to be Agile and are having a paradigm shift in the way they build and ship software. Agile SDLC with continuous integration and rapid deployment have now become a de-facto standard. In my earlier post Kanban & DevOps – Forming A Perfect Alliance, I had shared how Kanban and DevOps combine together to help bring down the silos between Engineering and Operations teams.

Former Cisco CEO, John Chambers in his last keynote strongly put it forward that one-third of today’s businesses would not survive the next 10 years. Startup companies are already disrupting long established business models and they are succeeding mainly because of their ability to faster to market services.

How DevOps Is Essential For Faster To Market Services?

DevOps formulates collaboration of Operations and Engineering teams to achieve continuous delivery by participating together in the entire service delivery lifecycle. In my earlier post DevOps Need Collaboration To Succeed As A Practice, I had shared how by adapting to the culture of DevOps, an organization is not only focusing on agility but also on reliability by eliminating waste, identifying repeatable steps and automating those steps. DevOps is not just about technology disruption but is about transformative Organization and its ability to deliver value to the end consumer. Technology has become core for most businesses and is now an essential for their survival in a highly competitive space. Large enterprises have to be more nimble and the need of the hour is to move away from their large & complex interrelated legacy systems to a more Agile based environment with DevOps fueling the collaboration delivery setup.


Early adopters of DevOps have seen a significant increase in their revenue, faster time-to-market and improved customer experience with their success depending on their ability to deliver a continuous flow of value from APIs, new mobile apps and software innovations.

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