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POSTED : octubre 27, 2015
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

Goodwill’s Customer Experience Redesign Resonates With Consumers of all Ages

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Goodwill occupies a firmly established place in our culture. However, that does not mean it is also immune from the customer experience challenges that so many businesses face today. Consumer behaviors and attitudes are changing. Technology is a factor in this transformation, as is digital disruption, and the changing face of new generational segments are also quickly becoming a vital consideration for marketers.

Some customer engagement strategies designed to attract and retain Goodwill’s traditional customers are simply not as relevant as they used to be, and this is especially true with regards to millennial shoppers.

From a business perspective, Goodwill has always done well. But with new local and national competitors coming into the thrift marketplace, and with an aging population as a core customer base, Goodwill realized the need to look for new opportunities for growth. Therefore, this particular Goodwill agency decided to rethink the way it approached the customer experience for a local group of regional stores.

“For Goodwill to succeed in the future and to stay relevant, we needed to figure out a way to engage a younger market and demographic, while also not alienating the existing client base,” Chris Politakis, Goodwill Director of Marketing & Communications, told Loyalty360. “Because one of the things, given the territory that we occupy, is that we are fairly built out with respect to stores. So we had to challenge ourselves to come up with different concepts to grow our retail, and stay relevant.”

The story of this transformation and the steps that lead Goodwill to begin this exciting new marketing journey will form the basis of the brand’s presentation at Loyalty360’s Engagement & Experience Expo.

During the presentation titled, “CX Retail Revolution: How Goodwill Transformed Retail in Six Months,” Politakis will be joined onstage by Liam O’Connor, PK Customer Acquisition Lead and Paul Conder, PK Customer Experience Lead. Together they will present a richly illustrated and interactive session, which will show attendees how Goodwill leveraged deep CX insights to transform their entire business.

“We are structuring this session to talk about the context of where Goodwill was, in terms of being a leading thrift retailer with a very high market share particularly with donations,” said O’Connor. “But from a retail standpoint, they were looking for new opportunities for growth. We will show how this was accomplished.”

To begin, Goodwill first conducted extensive primary research to gain a set of holistic customer and competitive insights, both in store and online. This also included a detailed customer experience evaluation that encompassed social listening through various digital channels to produce a 360° assessment of how customers thought and behaved. Here, Goodwill was particularly interested in understanding the next generation of potential millennial customers.

After an extensive data gathering and analysis period, Goodwill then set out to build a new customer experience within the stores. These updates and modifications are currently in process now, and soon about 30 test stores will see the launch of new graphics, new displays, a new look and feel, new colors and more.

“We were able to draw on six months of really solid data around understanding who the customers are, and we are now able to target them more effectively,” said Politakis. “So this was a matter of identifying the trends that resonated with the groups we were aiming at and the group we already had in stores. And we are using those trends as a way to inspire, and to create a design that caters to them in a way that is more personal, more timely and more contemporary.”

Perhaps most impressive of all, is that Goodwill was able to complete this entire journey in six months. And those that attend this session will get a glimpse behind the curtain, to learn how they too can shift gears in such an accelerated and successful fashion.

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