POSTED : abril 5, 2014
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

For those of us focused on delivering delight, measuring and optimizing the experience is a critical step. But delight is about more than squeezing out maximum performance and conversion—it’s about understanding your place in the users’ life and delivering function, value and meaning. Over the next few months we’ll be highlighting ways that organizations can optimize, personalize and humanize experiences across the digital ecosystem and through the internal teams that support it. We’ll look in detail at the following areas of opportunity.


We’re entering a new phase in the design and development of products. From the Fitbit on your wrist today to Google Glass tomorrow, digital products and services are becoming smaller, more specialized and more intimate. They are augmenting our abilities in new and increasingly personal ways. To be successful they need to adapt to us, not force us to adapt to them. How do we make these discrete technologies have the ability to respond, evolve and grow with us?


The brand and marketing promise beautiful, valuable things. The business demands hard results. As marketing becomes part art and part science, the CMO must find a balance between these tensions and optimize performance in the right direction for the brand and the business. Often, increasing performance means streamlining the experience—but does it have to come at the expense of ownable, unique brand moments? Is there a right way to optimize for the business, the brand and the customer?


As more technology products become services, the user experience becomes ever more critical. When your customers are paying each month for access to your products it changes the dynamics of the relationship. Sure, you still have a certain level of protection because switching costs are high, but in the user’s mind that monthly bill gives a greater perception of power and creates a different mental model for what they expect from the service provider. That puts a lot of pressure on the technology to deliver a great and constantly evolving experience. How can today’s technology leaders and developers deal with this power shift and ensure that the services they deliver are not just optimized, but that they also continue to grow and become more user-friendly?

This is just scratching the surface of the challenges and opportunities that we see our clients addressing. It can often seem impossible for organizations to wrap their arms around the scale, complexity and velocity of these changes from the inside. The silos that exist in most businesses make this even more challenging.

That’s why it’s critical to have a shared and workable customer-centric perspective living inside your organization. It’s the most pragmatic and defendable way to accelerate your organization’s arrival at truths that connect your silos, support the business strategy and set your organization up to delight your customers.

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