PK Releases Utility Digital Experience Index Report
POSTED : junio 14, 2018
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

PK has released a new research report, the Utility Digital Experience (UDX) Index, which evaluates, benchmarks and spotlights best practices among public-facing utility websites. The report reviews user experience across the top 16 US-based utilities as ranked by JD Power (2017).

The research uses an objective, rigorous evaluation of data and observation to help utilities:

  •     Identify trends and best practices for digital engagement
  •     Uncover emerging digital practices that top utilities are adopting
  •     Prioritize digital investments and customer experience initiatives

Colin O’Neill, primary researcher and VP of Experience Design at PK, conducted the research with a goal to provide utility marketing and technology teams with an informed view of the current state of their public-facing digital experiences.

“It’s clear that digital will play a more significant role in the utility customer experience in the future. As rate plans become more complex and homes become ‘smart’, utilities that can deliver a purposeful digital experience will be well positioned to engage and serve their customers,“ said O’Neill. “There is a present opportunity for utilities to build a digital platform that captures customer insight to help drive engagement, reduce costs and become an organization that people choose, and not just use.”

Digital and customer experience leaders can use the learnings from this report to better understand how industry peers are making improvements across a variety of customer engagements. “Digital experience is a foundational pillar in the successful operation of a public utility,” said PK CEO Paul Williams. “We assembled the index to identify the transformative work happening today and inspire digital leaders to improve their digital customer experience by learning from others.”

Download a complimentary copy of the UDX Index.

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